Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This Darwin Day, consider donating in support of the Australian bushfires (and you could win a shirt)


Imagine that after a terrifying, fast moving bushfire, that this was all that was left of your house and your town... and that's why this Darwin Day, we're taking a bit of a different approach, and we're asking for your donations to the Australian Red Cross in support of everyone affected by the bushfires. With hundreds dead, towns levelled, dead and injured wildlife, and survivors left with the clothes on their backs, even a small donation will mean a lot. Even better, if you make a donation on Darwin Day, you can be entered to win one of two free "Darwin Tree" shirts: the full details and the drawing are being hosted at the Sciencewomen blog. So please stop by their blog, make a donation of any amount to the Australian Red Cross, and email your confirmation to the Sciencewomen to be entered to win.

Additionally, for Darwin Day, we're also going to have a special sale on all "Darwin Evolutionary Tree" shirts in both shops:

Happy Darwin Day, and help make it a better day for everyone affected by the brushfires.

Update: We have two lucky winners and their shirts are already on their way! Many thanks again to all of you who showed such generosity on short notice.

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