Sunday, July 30, 2006

T-Shirts of the Week

US Store: Clearance on women's 'Inside-Out' Tees.

We're going to be continuing our sale on these items for one more week, after that we will be discontinuing them. Last chance! A variety of styles are available and we can also customize them with any design you choose.

EU Store: Serotonin structure t-shirts

All of our men's and women's 'serotonin' shirts are on sale for this week only.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

News catch-up: Clearance sale, kids' tees...

The final clearance on all "inside out" style women's longsleeved shirts is continuing for another week in the USA store... get them while your size is still available! We also have kids' tees available now for customization, in black, white, and blue, email us if you are interested. We hope to be setting up some kids designs in the shops in the near future.

Welcome to YellowIbis' New Blog!

Hi everyone! We've finally had a chance to move our news section to a true blog format. This means some important changes for us and for you: the opportunity for feedback, better news updating, and true RSS feeds. Our previous "t-shirt only" RSS feeds have not been working great so we look forward to offering a better solution to you.

We welcome your comments and feedback and look forward to hearing more from all of you out there. We currently have our comments set to 'moderate', but our policy is that we will publish all legitimate comments to our blog.

YellowIbis will be continuing to grow and expand its selection this year, and we hope you will stay tuned for the many exciting things we will be bringing out. We also want to hear more about what YOU want! So please add our feed and feel free to comment as we go along.